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Brown & Bigelow

AMBE LTD. has been working with the Brown & Bigelow building and roof system for the past 20 years. When we originally began our roof observation and recommendations for maintenance, AMBE LTD. helped design a long-term maintenance program to keep the existing roofs in place for an extended period of time. Upon completion of the maintenance program, the roof system on this 444,000 square foot building was extended by 10 to 12 years over and above their design life. The roofs remained watertight until reroofing was necessary. Based on the Isocyanurate insulation over the metal deck, during the reroofing process we were able to recapture the use of most of the insulation.

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With hundreds of years of collective experience, our staff's industry knowledge is matched only by their dedication to customer advocacy and superior service

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AMBE LTD. has been devoted to customer advocacy from day one. Over decades of successful business, our team has never wavered from this founding tenet

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We've enjoyed great success at AMBE LTD., and we pride ourselves on sharing that success with others. Philanthropy is a fundamental part of who we are.

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