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2020 Roof Replacement at St. Paul Public Housing Central Hi Rise

Design Development and Preliminary Schematic Design were completed in 2016. This was followed by several years of work to complete a feasibility and cost study to determine if an additional drain could be installed, and revising drainage options.

In 2019 the final scope was determined, design documents finalized, and the roof installed in early 2020.

The hexagon shape with a penthouse blocking the drainage at the center created the need for unique slope design. The issue was complicated by the increased code requirement of insulation, and restrictions on the penthouse and parapet wall heights limiting slope. 

The building height and the Owner's request to install an Asphalt Built-up Roof System also presented challenges. Heating asphalt and getting it to the rooftop presented significant challenges at a fully occupied 14 story multi-unit residential property. A large crane was the solution to some of these issues, and it was used to remove the old roof and get new material to the rooftop. Coordination and clear communication with the Owner was a critical factor in a project that resulted in minimal disruption to the residents, and a successful project for the contractor.

The project started in March of 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, throwing everyone a curveball. Policies were developed on the fly and everyone came through the project health and much better prepared for the challenging months ahead.

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