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IDS Center

AMBE LTD. has provided Building Envelope consulting services for the IDS Center, one of the most prominent properties in the Twin Cities, over the course of the last 20 years. Starting with yearly roofing surveys, which lead to design and project management of numerous projects.

The Hotel and Annex roofs were replaced in 1998 with a new built up roof. This included improvements in the drainage and the installation of a decorative gravel surfacing to improve the appearance due to the high visibility from other buildings.  The roofs are performing exceptionally and still look great more than 15 years after installation.

In 2005, AMBE LTD. was asked to address the leaking issue in the IDS Crystal Court. This is an open atrium with 310 skylights on an “I” beam structure that steps from the 3rd to the 8th stories, with flat glass walls between each level. The structure had leaked since its construction due to the extreme movement, dissimilar materials, and difficult transitions to waterproof.  After two years of product testing, AMBE LTD. designed and oversaw the installation of the new liquid applied  waterproofing membrane. The new waterproofing has resolved the leaks in the roof and skylight.

A complete building envelope assessment was completed in 2012. This included the exterior roofs, glass curtain walls, metal panels and sealants, and the windows in the retail sections.

New rooftop tiebacks were designed by AMBE LTD. and installed in 2012 to meet the updated requirements for rope descent on the building exterior.

The roof on the retail section was replaced in 2013 based on the design and project management provided by AMBE LTD. The roof had reached the end of its useful life and required regular cleaning of the white single ply membrane.  The roof was replaced with a built-up roof that matches the roofs on the Hotel and Annex sections, and will be covered by warranty until the year 2033. 

Download the IDS Center Project Profile